My new job requires a windows environment.  I have always found that GVim on Windows is annoying, even though I live by it on X based OS’s.


I just tried Cream today, and must say that it does a great job of getting GVim to integrate to Windows.  In this job I spend a lot of time in Visual Studio, and Cream’s mappings use many of the same keystrokes, which is handy.  But I want to use Cream in ‘Expert Mode’,  or ‘Cream Lite’ behavior.  I am not sure what the difference is between the two.  Basically I want all the cream behavior, but I want to keep the modal behavior.


My problem can be reproduced like this:

-Choose Cream Mode behavior

-Select Expert Mode.

-Now: in INSERT mode, I have all of the Cream key mappings and menu options, button bars, etc.  But as soon as I am in NORMAL mode, I can’t even hit the Save button!  All the folding macros change to GVim’s z-based key-sequences (that is really annoying, using F9 in INSERT mode, and zo in NORMAL mode).


So how do I accomplish the following:  I want to use full Cream mode, but I want to have modal operation (INSERT, NORMAL, VISUAL, etc).  Basically like Cream Lite, but using the Cream keymappings all the time, and without losing the Cream menu items when in NORMAL mode.