On 7/11/07, Steve Hall <digitect@dancingpaper.com> wrote:
From: "jim cipar", Wed, July 11, 2007 10:29 am
> It's not that cream can't find the file that the tag points to. It
> can't find the tag file at all, because the tag file is at the root
> of a directory heirachy, and the file being edited is in a
> subdirectory. I could probably solve it by generating a tag file
> with absolute path names, and copying/linking it into every
> subdirectory where source files exist, but that seems like a pretty
> ugly hack, especially when the default vim behavior works.

How does Vim know where to find the tags file? There has to be some
way it is told how to find it. When working from a terminal, the place
where Vim was started would be a logical spot. But if you wanted to
switch projects in the middle of a session, you would have to specify
a new current working directory or it would continue to find the old
tags file. Maybe you could help me understand how you use Vim to get
the behavior you need.

I start Vim from the root of my source tree, where the tags file is located,
and Vim does not change the working directory, even if the file I'm editing
is in a different directory.

Cream uses "set browsedir=buffer" but if you want to override this,
use the variable g:CREAM_CWD. You'll have to change it manually (via
command line or cream-user), but at least you'll have express control.
Someday, I'll get around to adding project management features to
Cream that will handle all this, but I can't see it happening any time

Can I set this to be whatever directory cream was started from?
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By the way, I don't mean to sound like I'm just complaining.  This is a great
project.  I have always like the simplicity and power of vim, but disliked its
archaic look and feel.  Good work.

Do you know if cscope will work with cream, to search for all references to
a function, rather than just definitions?