I'm a vim user trying out cream, and I've had trouble getting ctags to work for me.  The problem is that I generate a tags file at the root of a source directory.  When I ask cream to edit a file in a subdirectory, it changes its cwd to where the file is, and therefore can't find the tags file.  This problem does not exist in gvim or evim.

For instance if I do this:
cd sourcedir
ctags -R
cream foo/main.c

Then put cream in expert mode and type :pwd, it prints out "/blah/sourcedir/foo", while gvim would print out "/blah/sourcedir".  When I try to jump to a tag in cream, it can't find the tags file because it is not in the right directory.

Furthermore, even if I just start cream in the "sourcedir" directory, it will change to "sourcedir/foo" when I open "main.c".  gvim does not do this.

Any suggestions?