On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 20:29 -0400, Steve Hall wrote:
I think what is happening is that Vim changes the current working
directory to that of a filename passed as an argument. In other
methods of opening files (File > Open) this doesn't appear to happen.
The test code you were using for Cream_file_open() just changed the
file browser's initial path, also apparently not the same as :pwd.

The fix above can not improve the initial delay at open, but should
improve all later buffer editing.

I think that although you might see some improvement from this fix, it's not a complete solution.  We ran the free (as in beer) File Monitor from www.sysinternals.com for Windows while scrolling through a file on a network drive.  The resulting stream of file accesses to the file was alarmingly large compared to Vim without Cream.  I guess this might be because a large number of autocmds in Cream that do file accesses are being triggered on a regular basis.  But it's hard to say which ones might be problematic without getting inside Cream and tracing every single one, and in particular to determine if all of these accesses really necessary.

The reason I mention this is I have some "power users" here who are quite unimpressed with Cream's performance compared to comparable editors like Slickedit.  They've asked me if I can find a solution.  Any ideas what to try next?  Steve, would you please try the File Monitor test and tell me what you think?