I'm trying to setup Vim to use Ruby as a macro language and nothing I've
tried works.  This is my setup:
 Windows XP Pro all fixes applied
  Vim 6.2.225 as packaged by Cream
 Ruby  installed this for "matching(?)" Cream's Vim
 Ruby  This is the version of Ruby I'm using
To test the Vim/Ruby I type this command :ruby puts "ken"
Vim says E448 library function is rb_w32_snprintf followed with E266 that
the Ruby library could not be loaded.
I can execute Ruby as an external program using a buffer as input and
viewing it's output in the DOS-Box or a new buffer.  My path causes Ruby 1.8
ruby.exe to be used.
This is what I've done:
 1  Overlaid Vim 6.160 with Cream's 1.70 exe to get Ruby support.
 2  Created copied just enough of C:\Program Files\Ruby directories to
     get the \bin\mswin32-ruby16.dll and \lib\ruby\1.6\i586-mswin32 under
   C:\ruby16.  I used the Vim/Version display to guide me.
 Didn't work, so
 3  Did a full install Vim 6.2.225 thinking maybe Vim needs something to
   support the 6.2.225 exe.
 Didn't work, so
 4  Hunted and found Ruby 1.6.8 full install.  Modified it to make it install
   under C:\Ruby16.
 5  Then I read in a Vim posting that mswin32-ruby16.dll needs to be in
   Windows\system32, so I did it.
 6  Modified my Windows PATH to include C:\Ruby16 and modified Ruby's $:
   path to include both C:\Ruby16 and C:\Ruby.  The way the Ruby path
   places Ruby16 ahead of Ruby.
 Didn't work.
I'm new to Vim and *nix so I don't have a background to help me to see what's
wrong.  So, what am I missing and is there a way within Vim to help me to
figure out what wrong.
I thank you for your time.  I would like very much to use Ruby as external
scripting tool and as a macro tool within Vim.
Ken Randall
kencheri at austin dot rr dot com