I just fucking hate fucking cream. I thought It was ok and an improvement till I realized too late that my backup option had been turned off by cream after installing it. I opened a file and edited it and saved it as something else. Then I saved again to make a backup of it. Well it saved the file under the original files name. I thought no problem I’ll just get the ~ version that I always used to have when I didn’t have stupid cream and rename it to the original name. Viola nothing lost I thought. Guess what? No ~ version to go get and rename. Now I’ve lost almost a days worth of hard work! My boss is pissed to say the least (I talked him into letting me use vim in the first place) and I’m fit to be tied. I CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE THAT WORK! So thanks for nothing. I’m getting rid of goddamn cream right after this and I’ll never even think of using it again.