French version of creload

  • Nicolas PASCALE

    Nicolas PASCALE - 2004-02-16


    Some persons are translatting creload6 in French.
    Could they use your project to manage this or open a new project ? I saw in your cvs a french directory witch is the same as english !


    • Thierry Dupont

      Thierry Dupont - 2004-09-28

      Of course there is a french translation but depends if you are french wanting a true french version with data base in french or just adding french as a language

      For the complete french version you have to go to
      But it is only in french

      Otherwise I can give you the french part but I think I should post in as a contribution.

    • David Graham

      David Graham - 2004-10-07

      French development here would be welcome.  I would be very happy to have a complete set of French language files for the CRE Loaded distribution. 

      Note that the Language Define tool is currently deprecated due to an old bug.  We are planning to add a more powerful contribution to deal with this in the next release -- 6.5.

      Also, we intend to start releasing contributions as we reach a point at which that module becomes functional.  Look for more activity here, and at our main forum -

      David M. Graham,
      Project Manager


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