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Version 3.9 of CD-Rom Control available

A minor bug fix release which improves automatic cd-drive status checking.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-04-04

CD-Rom Control 3.8 released

Experimental DVD autostart support has been added to the CD-Rom Control for Linux in the latest version - 3.8

Posted by Anonymous 2002-02-27

Version 3.7 of CD-Rom Control available

Version 3.7 of the CD-Rom Control is now available. New feature allows you to unlock the cdrom drive door even when a CD is mounted. This means you can use the manual eject button on the cdrom drive to eject a CD.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-16

CD-Rom Control 3.6 now available

This new release features major bug fixing to all 'flavours' with the timer function. If you have any problems with this release then let me know.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-07-23

Version 3.5 of CD-Rom Control Available

Version 3.5 of the CD-Rom Control, an X Window GUI for mounting, umounting/ejecting your cd-rom drive. New features include an improved autostart feature, a new 'flavour' of GUI - GNOME - and an improved periodic checking feature. Also it now has a project page on Sourceforge.
Goto or its homepage at

Posted by Anonymous 2001-07-12