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crawlpaper 4.2.4 released

please refer to the changelog.txt file

Posted by Luca Piergentili 2011-04-14

crawlpaper 4.2.3 released

from the changelog file:

4.2.3 (05/03/11)
- changed/updated some icons
- changed the behaviour of the preview window
- when clicking on the baloon popup the main window doesnt get the focus as before
- added a new hotkey (CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE) to delete the current song from disk
- removed the menu/desktop shortcuts for the WallBrowser.exe
- minor bug fixing here and there
- bug fix: the uninstall procedure now removes the WallBrowser key from the registry
- fixed a bug about long filenames into the audio player
- fixed a bug about downloading files > 2GB
- fixed some bugs into the crawler report
- fixed a bug about some default icons
- fixed a bug about displaying a wrong download progress for files > 40MB into the crawler dialog
- fixed a bug about the randomize option of the playlist
- fixed a bug about displaying image info on the main window for pictures coming from http urls
- fixed a bug about the image info displayed on the balloon popup
- fixed a misplaced index for the default icons, if you still see wrong (blurry, resized) icons for
WallPaper and WallBrowser .exe try to rebuild your Windows icon cache (just Google 'how to rebuild
Windows icons cache', the procedure may vary depending on the Windows version you have installed)

Posted by Luca Piergentili 2011-03-09