#234 New Unique: Gregor the Shapeshifter

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Gregor is a shapeshifter unique who seeks to increase his power by killing others and taking their place. He has already done so in the Crawl dungeon, and when the player appears to him (in whatever form he's already in), he seeks to kill the player and replace him.

Gregor has the ability to mimic armour, weapons (though he can't make magic brands), and spells. His initial items are real, those of the unique he replaced, but subsequent others are not. Furthermore, when Gregor is known to the player, he may form a wand of polymorph other with a single charge and attempt to turn the player into a cockroach.

Gregor is created in the dungeon randomly, when a suitable unique is placed, it may receive the appropriate enchantment indicating that it is really Gregor. A unique placed this way is not later regenerated (as Gregor already killed them). Gregor is limited to natural, intelligent, uniques with speech; that is, he can't be a demon, a skull, a mummy, a lich, a jelly, or a frog.

Gregor, being an intelligent shapeshifter, will not change form until he determines that it is necessary to do so.

In terms of power, Gregor can be very dangerous, as he can quickly regain most of his health in a single shift, which can also transform him into a more powerful unique. But otherwise he is only as strong as the uniques he can mimic. If Gregor is Ijyb, then a player who can take Ijyb out in two hits will likely be able to take Gregor out in about the same time, even if Gregor can shift into, say, Jessica. Higher-level uniques have no trouble taking out mid-level unique Gregors.

I added some code that will allow easy placement of Gregor as a specific unique for wizard mode and arena: just add "-gregor" to the end of the unique's name, eg. sigmund-gregor.

The name is based on the main character of Kafka's The Metamorphosis, which is also referenced in the description entry for cockroach. I am open to other suggestions for names. My best other idea was "Proteus", but that was a Greek god and probably shouldn't be a unique's name...


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