#3123 fog "nerf:" make sInv (partially) negate fog


Fog is currently so powerful that even minor fog effects such as a trail of smoke can be abused. Since I think more fog powers would be fun, I propose the following fog nerf: give creatures with sense invisible and see invisible a limited ability to see through fog. More specifically, creatures with sense invisible would be able to sense position without hindrance (i.e. they still miss most of the time but can still target you), and creatures with see invisible will take no penalty. There is a real-life justification for this behavior: if see invisible worked by sensing infared radiation, a cloud of smoke would not obscure this radiation.

This isn't *quite* a nerf: it would reduce the value of fog in the late game, and increase its value in the midgame when players with see invisible can use fog as a one-way missile cover. If centaurs/yaktaurs do not already have sense invisible, they could be given the intrinsic. I would expect a hunter race to have excellent eyesight anyway.

This change would, alas, nerf invisibility. However, since invisibility is available from evocable items, I think the spell level should be decidedly less than 6, perhaps 5 to be on par with teleport self.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Not sure that fog needs a nerf given that iirc it's only available on a limited resource (scrolls). I like the different option it brings, something more than 'mephitic cloud everything' (casters) or 'hide around corner' (melee), as a way to deal with troublesome ranged opponents.

    On invisibility though, I would personally love to see halfling thieves (and wanderers?) start with a ring of invisibility. Would take some investment in evocation but give a nice boost and bit of flavour to this rather subpar race.

    - molari

  • Matt

    Matt - 2009-12-22

    Just realised that the nerf I proposed makes fog scrolls a weaker form of invisibility, not what I wanted. I would, however, like sInv to have *some* effect so fog isn't a foolproof defense.

  • Matt

    Matt - 2009-12-22
    • summary: fog "nerf:" make sInv negate fog --> fog "nerf:" make sInv (partially) negate fog

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