#3118 Flavour suggestions re: names and god theme


I played around with Cheibriadios (or how it's spelled, subtract i's as appropriate) with a Naga yesterday, don't know how long this God has been there, but I kind of like it. But I don't like it being a snail god. For one thing, snails aren't really associated with wisdom and contemplativeness, and for another, snails are icky things I don't like the idea of my character revering :-)
I suggest Slow-god becomes a turtle god instead. This would keep the slow/ponderous theme, but since turtles can get so old, they have more cred with respect to wisdom and patience etc. (I would also like for this god to get one power more beneficial for casters somehow, but that's for another FR)

Another name I have an issue with is Arcane Marksmen. Arcane Marksman?! It's a glorified way of saying wizard with a bow. It makes it painfully obvious that the idea for what the class would entail came before the theme/name that was pasted onto it. Can't we find a better name? Spellslinger? Arcomancer? Almost anything would be better...

The final name I dislike for flavour reasons is Deep Dwarf. It's another pasted-on name, but in a different way: while the way they are is obviously a result of toying with ideas for game mechanics (and that's not necessarily bad, mind you!), this bears no relation to its name. There is nothing in the name "deep dwarf" which suggests a non-healing race, on the contrary, all living things can repair themselves to some degree. Only mechanical or artificial magical creatures fit the deep dwarf game flavour. I suggest "Clockwork gnome" as an alternative name - that is in fact an established, (if slightly bizarre) fantasy trope, kind of like spectral wolves.


  • Harald Korneliussen

    That was me. Sourcefourge appears to have logged me out before the post was posted.

  • Matt

    Matt - 2009-12-17

    An expert archer is known as a "toxophilite" (really! Wikipedia says it so it must be true!) so perhaps a "toxophilomancer" could be the new arcane marksman name. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue the same way arcane marksman does, but there are similar names such as "thanatomancer" and "necromancer" in Crawl.

  • Matt

    Matt - 2009-12-17

    Also, I'm not so sure about the turtle theme because I'm not sure what a "turtle-covered altar" of Cheibriados would look like. Snails are indeed kind of gross but a grassy, snail-covered altar *does* sound peaceful and contemplative.

    Hmm, maybe it should be an "altar-covered turtle of Chebriados" instead:

    "This large, grumpy-looking turtle has an ornate altar to Cheibriados on the back of its shell. It looks perfectly happy staying exactly where it is. You are somewhat apprehensive about kneeling at the turtle."

    Come to think about it, an altar that you had to chase down would be hilarious, but I'm not sure what god would be so obnoxious besides Xom. Certainly not the Slow God...

  • KiloByte

    KiloByte - 2009-12-17

    I don't see any connection between Cheibriados and wisdom. To the contrary, he strikes me rather as a marihuana user -- or simply a slacking bum. Thus, I'd say wisdom isn't his thing.

    Turtles are a lost faster than snails. An altar on the back of a turtle would move all over the dungeon -- so unlike all other altars which are strictly stationary, Che would get the fastest one. Plus, that's sillyness, and sillyness is something that's better reserved for Xom.

  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2009-12-17

    *sniggers at the idea of an altar-covered turtle*

    Personally I don't see any problems with snails. They're symbols of slowness, and why should Chei care whether they're icky or not? (Hint: he doesn't. Laziness rarely goes together with a need for neatness.) There'd be one adavantage to changing the symbol to turtles: the tile would be easier to draw. :)

    Arcane Marksmen might or might not get a name change, the entire profession is still under discussion.

    As for Deep Dwarves, that has been brought up before, though without convincing the responsible parties. :) I also don't see why "clockwork" would be better, as that makes it sound like they're some kind of golem.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I don't think snails are particularly distant from Chei, but turtles are definitely more contemplative. Also, the turtle altar would be amazing.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Why would the altar have to be come a turtle-covered altar or an altar-covered turtle? It could jsut as easily be a shell-plated altar (probably a bit too fighter class sounding) or glowing-shell altar or anything else...

    Come to think of it though a moving altar would be neat lol.

    I agree though that tutles would be a better choice than snails, they're a much more attractive creature, and still fit into the same theme, but without the ickyness...


  • KiloByte

    KiloByte - 2009-12-17

    Uhm, "ickyness"? Since when that's bad? If some people oddly find some creatures repulsive, that's a problem with those people, not snails.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Yeah, why the name got changed from gnome in the first place never really made sense to me - an established fantasy archetype, to a . . . whatever a deep dwarf is. But that's a topic that's been done to death. My main point is that Xom altars moving about and generally doing crazy stuff would be absolutely perfect!

    Arcane Marksman is tricky. It isn't really a class I've seen anywhere before so I can't think of a more appropriate name. That is to say, I'd prefer something a little smoother like 'Sagitarian', but that doesn't give away much information about the class function as distinct from hunter.

    - molari

  • Harald Korneliussen

    A "turtle-shaped altar" or a "stylized turtle altar" would be fine, woudn't it? Doesn't have to be an actual turtle. Chei's description screen suggests contemplativeness and wisdom rather than sluggishness - and that is a good thing, IMO. Ponderous and wise is more appealing to play than sluggish.

    j-p-e-g: But Deep Dwarves ARE a kind of golem. Or at least, they're not fully living, as living things heal. They do some thing that nonliving things shouldn't, such as getting mutations, get healed by gods and necromatic magic - but the latter two could benefit from nerfing anyway.

    Arguing pragmatically: On the race selection screen, someone who has never played the game before will expect that playing as a vampire, mummy or ghoul will be different in some major ways. But deep dwarf is an innocious name, despite being the most exotic option of them all (with the possible exception of mummy).

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i like turtles an or snails for chei....and

    after much though about the 'golem' comment (about 10seconds)

    Deep Dwarves really are a type of golem!! seriously, they are not dwarves, they are totally golems. really -pigvomit


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