#3091 Fedhas Giant Spore AI + a question (gods)


By Andy:

When Fedhas was still called Feawn, the (summonable) giant spore AI was much more useful, following the player around and automatically targetting the first enemy it saw. Now the giant spores wander around randomly and I'm lucky if the spore attacks ANYTHING; it's just a waste of time and resources! I don't use the Wandering Mushrooms for the same reason, as I am fortunate if they ever attack anything. Could the AI be reverted to the previous behavior?

Also, I keep getting to this website: http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/. What is GIT? I'll be better able to answer the poll once I have a clue what is being referenced. Thanks!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The problem before was that they attacked the first thing they saw and almost always blew YOU up.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    By Andy:

    Yeah, that was an *occasional* problem, so you had to think before you acted/moved. Still, having to be careful not to get caught in the blast is virtually the same danger with casting area-of-effect spells (ESPECIALLY "Conjure Ball Lightning".) I would rather just be careful not to blow my toes off with Giant Spores that follow me around and attack automatically than be getting murdered by my enemies while 3 or 4 Giant Spores wander around doing *nothing*. It gets really bad with fast-responding ranged enemies, like Centaurs/Yaktaurs, since I'm a pincushion before one Giant Spore gets a target lock, much less manages to detonate effectively.

    Simply put, I'd rather have Giant Spores that are slightly dangerous to me and really dangerous to my enemies instead of Giant Spores that are no threat to me OR my enemies. Randomly wandering around until the battle is over is not an advantageous implementation, nor is taking 3-to-7 turns before a Spore "notices" there are available targets in its LOS.

  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2009-11-26

    No comment on spores as I haven't tried Fedhas yet, but as for git: you obviously belong in the group for whom it doesn't matter. git refers to our new repository system. The code is stored differently now, which makes it easier for coders to write patches and for developers to merge them into the main code. On the downside, the handling is a bit more complicated (hence the poll), or so I'm told, I haven't yet a chance yet to try it out and compare.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    By Andy:

    Hey, I've been modding since age 11 (I'm 24 in less than a month)! Easier modding sounds GREAT to me! What do I need to do to start modding DCSS?

    *runs off whooping with joy*

  • dpeg

    dpeg - 2009-12-08
    • summary: Fedhas Giant Spore AI + a question --> Fedhas Giant Spore AI + a question (gods)

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