#2893 Steam cloud in shallow water?


I do not know is it a bug or some unknown to me feature, but it definitely doesn't look right. On autoexplore on D:3, my char wandered into shallow water and got engulfed in cloud of steam (middle of 5x5 steam field) which appeared out of nowhere with no explanation and killed him in 2 turns.

Game was played on CAO, 0.5.2. This is morgue file: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/Qui/morgue-Qui-20100116-233647.txt


  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2010-01-17

    I've had that happen in trunk (where the clouds get autoexcluded) and I *still* don't know if that's supposed to happen or not. I always thought steam was only supposed to appear on lava and when using fire spells over water.

  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2010-01-17
    • summary: Steam cloud? --> Steam cloud in shallow water?
  • qui

    qui - 2010-01-17

    I'd guess autoexclusion won't help if the cloud appears exactly on the char.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    No, it won't. Sounds like you were really unlucky there. :(

  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2010-02-22
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2010-02-22

    This is probably the same minivault everyone keeps talking about in http://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=161

    Closing this one as a duplicate.


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