#2878 mimic didn't use reassigned scroll item glyph

Monsters (72)

Playing on akrasiac, 0.5.2. I have the scroll glyph assigned to unicode character x222C. Ran across a scroll of curse armour which was represented by the usual '?' glyph-- this turned out to be a mimic.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Observed the same problem with a mimic weapon: I have unicode x2020 assigned to weapons, but the mimic appeared as a close parentheses. --Chigusa

  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2010-01-12

    Could you please give the specific command you use to change the glyph? Thanks.

  • KiloByte

    KiloByte - 2010-01-12

    cset_unicode: item_ring:xB0

    Sadly, the monster glyph code is a mess, it assumes all monsters of a given type have the same glyph while only the colour can differ. For example, that's the only reason we have different monster types MONS_ZOMBIE_SMALL and MONS_ZOMBIE_LARGE. I tried to clean it up while reworking mimic code, but it's used in too many places, and I gave up.

    But, in this case, since you can't redefine glyphs for specific weapons/potions/etc, we can use an ugly hack: modify the in-memory mondata[].

  • KiloByte

    KiloByte - 2010-01-13
    • status: open --> closed
  • KiloByte

    KiloByte - 2010-01-13

    Fixed, both in trunk and in the stable branch. For the latter, the fix will be available in the next point release.


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