#2864 [tiles 0.6.0-a1-1552] Memorize and repeat don't play nice

Interface (169)
Ed Kolis

I typed Mc to memorize the third available spell, then y to confirm, then out of curiosity I typed ` to repeat the command, just to see what would happen... oddly enough, the c was repeated but not the M, so I wound up chopping up a corpse on the floor!

I'm thinking maybe if the memorization fails, you should attempt to memorize the same spell again when you repeat (without asking for confirmation - of COURSE you want to do it again!), and if the memorization succeeds, you should just go as as far as the spell selection menu, so that you don't wind up accidentally attempting to memorize the next spell in the list!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Something similar happens with spellcasting; if your target is gone and you last used a directional-aimed spell, pressing ` sometimes ignores the "target gone" message and attempts to move you one step in that direction.

  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2009-12-22
    • assigned_to: nobody --> zelgadis
  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2009-12-22

    I've never used either of the repeat commands, but they still appear to be quite wonky. Assigning to Matthew as the mastermind behind them. :)


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