Dear Hashimoto-san,
Thank you so much for making a summary of project staus.
Thank you,
Sungin Jung
Director/Principal Member of Engineering Staff, Ph.D
System S/W Research Team
Cloud Computing Research Department
Software Research Lab.
Electronics and Telecomminucation Research Institute
138 Gajeongno, Yuseong-gu
Daejon, 305-700, S. Korea

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From: "" <>
From Date: 2010-08-25 1:44:50
To: "" <>
Subject: [Crackerjack-devel] Test Case Status

CrackerJack Members,

   Long time no e-mail on this mailing list.
As I wrote a long time ago,
Red Hat and we agreed following 3 things.

(1) Red Hat will refer our test site in their migration document.
(2) Red Hat will release that document with RHEL 6(Next Release)
(3) CrackerJack team will clear all bugs remained.

 I am not sure when RHEL 6 will be released, but
It must be in this year.

And we will have next forum in Seoul in November.

 I have checked the latest result.
The test version is still 3.0 so that following result may not
reflect the latest status.
The result between RHEL5 and 2.6.35 based on test  case V3.0 is
Incompatible(no fix)

Maybe bugs
sysfs(Fixed in 3.1)
old_mmap(obsoled:will  be removed in 3.2)

Could you check the result above(kill and waitid) and start to fix them ?
 If they are already fixed, please let me know. I will release 3.2 in soon
including all fixes.

  I hope our work almost done and finishing in soon.

Hisashi Hashimoto

Board of Director, the Linux Foundation,

Senior Engineer

Open Source Software Promotion Center
Enterprise Business Planning
Hitachi, Ltd., Software Division
Tel : +81-45-862-8470, Fax : +81-45-862-8471

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