Hi all:

Recently I study how to write a ¡°compare¡± program for  the testcase of a system call, I found a example about ¡°compare¡± program under the directory ¡° /crackerjack/testcases/system_A ¡°.

the content of the ¡°compare¡± as follow:


diff ¨Cu $1 $2

I also found the ¡°compare¡± program under the directory ¡°/crackerjack/testcases/nanosleep¡± ,the compare program was writed by ruby , and it is more complex  than the above .

My question is that :

     When we write the compare program, we should use shell script or ruby?

If we write every compare program by shell script , every compare program is only like the above first example , it contains a command ¡°diff ¨Cu $1 $2¡± , is ok ?


Hu changjun

Wish best.