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CrabEmu 0.1.9 Released

I've been sitting on this release a bit longer than I would've liked to, so I decided it would be a good time to just release it. This new release of CrabEmu adds a Qt "port" (and support for Linux) along with many other changes to the emulation. Here's a high-level overview of what exactly has changed in CrabEmu 0.1.9:

* Added Linux/Qt "port" of CrabEmu.
* Fix a lot of cycle counting issues in CrabZ80.
* Added support for the SMS VDP's H-Counter.
* Added support for utilizing a BIOS ROM with SMS and Game Gear emulation (also, added a BIOS replacement).
* Allow an arbitrarily sized view on the Mac OS X version.
* Added fullscreen mode on Mac OS X.
* Added a screenshot function.
* Fixed saving of many different preferences on the Mac OS X version.
* Added support for Joysticks/Game Pads on the Mac OS X version.
* Added support for the IO Control and Memory Control registers on the SMS.... read more

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2009-02-28

CrabEmu 0.1.8 Released

It is the middle of the month of November, nothing is going on, so it seems like the perfect time for a new release of CrabEmu. CrabEmu 0.1.8 has many under-the-hood changes and bugfixes. Here's a look at some of the larger ones:

* Added preliminary support for the Terebi Oekaki drawing board (Mac OS X only, at the moment).
* Changed the VDP cache updating function to use a lookup table and other VDP emulation speedups.
* Practically rewrote the entirety of CrabZ80 to create a much smaller code footprint.
* Added a much nicer image to the controller preferences dialog on Mac OS X.
* Fixed color banding issues on the Dreamcast GUI.
* Added a 50/60 Hz selector to the Dreamcast port when a European Dreamcast is detected.
* Enabled stereo sound in the Dreamcast port.
* Fixed an annoying save bug in the Dreamcast port.... read more

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2008-11-16

CrabEmu 0.1.7 Released!

Today, I bring you the release of CrabEmu 0.1.7. This release contains far too many bug fixes and code cleanups to mention, but here's a selection of some of the bigger changes:

* Modified sound output to remove branches from the code.
* Fixed a Dreamcast GUI issue where CrabEmu would crash after loading about 7 roms.
* Made the Dreamcast port only show the portion of the screen that would actually be visible on the Game Gear.
* Added a very simple VDP debugger to the Mac OS X version.
* Added a mapper detection function for certain games to detect use of special mappers by the two checksums on the rom.
* Enabled sound output on the Dreamcast port.
* Added support for the EEPROM used in certain Game Gear baseball games.
* Added support for the extra RAM in the Ernie Els Golf cartridge.
* Added support for the extra RAM in the SG-1000 game The Castle.... read more

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2008-06-03

CrabEmu 0.1.6 Released!

CrabEmu is an video game console emulator for MacOS X. Currently, Sega Master System is the only emulated platform, however other consoles are planned for future releases.

Happy New Year to all, and to celebrate, here is a new release of CrabEmu.

The major changes to this release of CrabEmu are as follows:
* CrabEmu now runs on the Sega Dreamcast as well as Mac OS X.
* Support was added for the TMS 9918 modes of the SMS VDP, as well as for the SG-1000 console.
* Support for the Korean mapper.
* Too many bug fixes to mention.... read more

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2008-01-02

CrabEmu 0.1.5 Released!

I've released CrabEmu 0.1.5, here's the major changes:

* Added support for non-192 line modes (SMS2 had support for 240 and 224 line modes), although only 224 line mode has really been tested.
* Added stereo sound support for Game Gear (SMS games play with all PSG channels at full volume on the left and right speakers, as they did before)
* Added support for 50Hz PAL mode (for the games that actually were PAL optimized)
* Added support for the Codemasters mapper (Codemasters games should now work, also, this goes along with the 224 line mode support and PAL support)
* SRAM saving now occurs when you quit CrabEmu, as well as when you open a new ROM (or when you manually do it from the menu... read more

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2007-04-09

CrabEmu 0.1.4 Released!

Well... its been a whole year since the last release of CrabEmu. This release certainly doesn't show it, but it does contain a number of enhancements and fixes. The biggest of which are:
- Noise channel emulation on the PSG
- Fixed sound effects in some games
- A Z80 debugger
- SRAM saving
- Save States

Anyway, enjoy the release, and report any bugs you happen to find!

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2007-02-23

CrabEmu 0.1.3 Released!

Well, its been a little longer than I had hoped, and not everything that I wanted went into this release, but I have released a new version of CrabEmu tonight. Its a pretty minor update, actually.

The major changes in this version are:
- OpenGL rendering (older versions used Quartz)
- Fixed sound on x86 macs.

Anyway, please bug test it, and report any issues at all. Enjoy.

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2006-02-22

CrabEmu 0.1.2 Released!

Hot on the tail of version 0.1.1, I have just released CrabEmu 0.1.2. This release contains a rewritten Z80 core, modifiable controls, better rom loading (and the ability to load one rom after one has already been loaded), and a few other improvements.

As always, please report any bugs that appear, as I will be more than happy to try to fix them. :)

Enjoy the release.

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2006-01-16

CrabEmu 0.1.1 Released

Well, its New Year's Eve, and I've decided its high time for a release of CrabEmu. So, here it is, CrabEmu 0.1.1 in all its glory.

New in this version is work in progress sound support, and Game Gear support as well. Be sure to test everything out, and report any bugs that you find.

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2006-01-01

CrabEmu 0.1.0 Released

The first ever release of CrabEmu, a Sega Master System Emulator for MacOS X, was just posted this early morning. This release is pretty much untested except by me, so its probably chock full of bugs that need squashing. Feel free to test it out, and report any and all things that look like bugs to me through the Bugs tracker item. Enjoy the release.

Posted by Lawrence Sebald 2005-12-01