ADIF Import Problem

  • Cheezitz

    Cheezitz - 2008-01-10

    I'm having a problem when trying to import an ADIF export from DXKeeper.  CQRLog gives an error: "2008-1-0 is not a valid date specification, Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption".  I click OK, but then CQRLog doesn't appear to do any importing.  I searched through the ADIF file and I can't find a date similar to 2008-1-0.

    • Petr Hlozek

      Petr Hlozek - 2008-01-14


      please use Open discussion.

      It looks like error in ADIF file. Please send me it to mail email address petr at ok2cqr dot com.

      73! Petr, OK2CQR

      • Tim Gimmel

        Tim Gimmel - 2008-12-21

        I am importing data from jLog to cqrlog.  I have around 1600 records to bring in and have around 160 errors.  the errors.adi shows the records, but I do not know _why_ the error occurred.  Is there a log to let me know?  Also if there is a list of valid adif fields, then I can filter the source data before importing.  (nothing that a little Perl can't fix hihi)

        Thanks in advance, looking forward to using cqrlog,

        Tim, KY4J

        • Tim Gimmel

          Tim Gimmel - 2008-12-21

          Well, I think I know the problem, mode JT65 is not listed, jt44 is listed.  Is there an easy way to add modes (ie, modes file?)?



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