Bug ? Last QSO disappeared in QSO list window

  • f5owl

    f5owl - 2008-11-08

    I am using CQRLOG 0.5.1 on ubuntu 8.04.
    The last qso seams to disappear in the QSO list window. When I move the mouse up to see former qso and then back to view to the end of list again, the last qso has disappeared. sometimes I have to close CQRLOG and run it again to make it visible again. At other times, simply closing and reopening the "Show QSO List" windows is sufficient.
    Anyone has same effect ?
    I  can send screen capture if it can help.

    • urbnsr

      urbnsr - 2008-11-08

        I don't think I have seen this. I am running 0.5.1 with ubuntu 8.10 (was 8.04, too) and I can have the QSO list window up behind the New QSO window. After logging a new QSO, I can see the QSO list window and it doesn't show the new contact one until I go to the QSO list window and refresh. The new one pops up then. Could you select refresh and see if it brings back the QSO you are missing??


    • f5owl

      f5owl - 2008-11-12

      In fact, the problem seems to arise only if the window is resized and the new size is too small to have at least 9 to 10 qso lines.
      Then moving the cursor completely down doesn't make the last line reappear. Enlarging the windows to more than 10 lines make the last visible again.
      Whitout resizing or with a window big enough to view more than 10 qso lines, there is no problem.

      It's not very important. Just have to get use of it.


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