• Art Salhoff

    Art Salhoff - 2008-10-27

    Imported my log and found 2300 QSO out of 70000 on the errors.adi file.
    Wonder what could be wrong with them, just few QSOs from the end of the file:

    <BAND:3>20M <CALL:8>WP2/K4FO <CONT:2>NA <CQZ:1>8 <DXCC:3>285 <IOTA:6>NA-106 <ITUZ:2>11 <MODE:4>RTTY <OPERATOR:5>RX9TX <QSL_RCVD:1>Y <QSLRDATE:8>20071007 <QSO_DATE:8:D>20070930 <TIME_ON:6>123338 <TIME_OFF:6>123338 <LOTW_QSL_SENT:1>Y <LOTW_QSL_RCVD:1>Y <APP_LOGGER32_QSO_NUMBER:5>63458 <EOR>

    <BAND:3>20M <CALL:5>YL2PA <CONT:2>EU <CQZ:2>15 <DXCC:3>145 <ITUZ:2>29 <MODE:4>RTTY <OPERATOR:5>RX9TX <QSO_DATE:8:D>20070930 <TIME_ON:6>125815 <TIME_OFF:6>125815 <APP_LOGGER32_QSO_NUMBER:5>63459 <EOR>

    <BAND:3>20M <CALL:5>P29NI <CONT:2>OC <CQZ:2>28 <DXCC:3>163 <ITUZ:2>51 <MODE:4>RTTY <OPERATOR:5>RX9TX <QSO_DATE:8:D>20071003 <TIME_ON:6>125829 <TIME_OFF:6>125829 <APP_LOGGER32_QSO_NUMBER:5>63464 <EOR>

    <BAND:3>20M <CALL:8>RK9YYD/M <CONT:2>AS <CQZ:2>18 <DXCC:2>15 <ITUZ:2>31 <MODE:3>SSB <OPERATOR:5>RX9TX <QSL_RCVD:1>Y <QSLRDATE:8>20080207 <QSO_DATE:8:D>20071013 <TIME_ON:6>042306 <TIME_OFF:6>042306 <APP_LOGGER32_QSO_NUMBER:5>63468 <EOR>

    • Petr Hlozek

      Petr Hlozek - 2008-10-27


      these QSOs doesn't have RST_RCVD and RST_SENT values. It is not complete QSO, so CQRLOG marks it as errors.

      73, Petr, OK2CQR

    • Art Salhoff

      Art Salhoff - 2008-10-28

      Petr, checking for RST in imported ADI is a bad idea, because RST is NOT an obligatory part of a QSO.

      For example

      - some RTTY contests do not provide RST as a part of exchange number, so the paticipants do not send RST to each other, at all

      - if you check the LoTW TQ8 file, created by TQSL program, you will see that it does not have any RST in it, so even DXCC does not want the RSTs :)

      So RST checking should be eliminated from log import/export procedures.

      Heres the excerption from my TQSL .tq8 file:



    • Petr Hlozek

      Petr Hlozek - 2008-10-29


      I'll fix it in next version. Thanks.

      73 Petr, OK2CQR


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