DL5YBZ - 2008-12-29

Hi all,

first a big TNX to Petr and Martin for CQRLOG..  I'm doing a lot of portable work from different locations on UHF / VHF, therefore the great idea of the different QTH profiles has been one of the high-lights that has made be a fan of CQRLOG.

Now I start to use the QSL label  export,  but I found no way  to reflect my different locations and equipment other than  selecting the basic qso details  by a filter and  use this filtered datas to feed a glabel template, that reflects my stn details.

This includes several manual steps to be done resulting in human errors :-)   and also I run into problems to fill  up my  12 label sheet  without wasting labels because - poor me - doing often only low qso numbers from one location .. so it would be nice  to  use only one GLabels template with  variable field content  for QTH-Loc and Stn information instead of "hard wired"  infos because it will allow to mix all qsos for qsl printing. 

But I found no way to select other fields but the default once from the log database for Glabels csv.

73 de Olaf / DL5YBZ