LOTW support

  • ha5di

    ha5di - 2008-08-28

    Just came across CQRLOG and it looks really a promissing LINUX LOG program, the best what I have seen (not too much of cource).

    What I'm missing is a LOTW support and contest logging. I know it is less then one year old....

    Regards... Béla, HA5DI

    P.S.: Tried on SLAX 6.0.7 live system.

    • Art Salhoff

      Art Salhoff - 2008-09-01

      >What I'm missing is a LOTW support and contest logging.

      I vote for LoTW but against contest logging :)

      Contest logging is entirely different task and requires entirely different approach.

    • Petr Hlozek

      Petr Hlozek - 2008-09-07


      I'd like to add LoTW support in 0.6.0 version of CQRLOG.

      73! Petr, OK2CQR

    • Art Salhoff

      Art Salhoff - 2008-09-08

      Petr, when you start working on LoTW support, please implement it as it is done in Logger32.

      First of all, Logbook has following  fields, according to ADIF standard.

      LOTW_QSLRDATE      Date  date QSL received from ARRL Logbook of the World
      LOTW_QSLSDATE     Date date QSL sent to ARRL Logbook of the World
      LOTW_QSL_RCVD     Enumeration     ARRL Logbook of the World QSL received status
      LOTW_QSL_SENT     Enumeration ARRL Logbook of the World QSL sent status

      Then, I can manually set required flags for every QSO, like "Send LoTW QSL". Then, based on that flags,  I can export LoTW file to ADI format for signing and uploading it.

      Then I can download and import LoTW confirmations from LoTW website into L32. The file is in ADI standard too. When all confirmations imported, in Awards menu I have an option what combination should be used for awards tracking, like "paper cards only", "LoTW confirmations only", or "Paper+LoTW" should be counted. Very useful.

      One more thing, when I import ADI log, say a contest log, I have an import option of setting a "Mark every QSO for exporting into LoTW file" flag, so when my contest log is imported, I can automatically export them all to LoTW.

      Same about QSOs I manually enter into log in my day-by-day operation, I also have an option to mark them all automaticazlly for being marked for exporting to LoTW file so I dont have to bother manually marking them if I want to export them to LoTW. 

    • ha5di

      ha5di - 2008-09-12

      > Contest logging is entirely different task and requires entirely different approach. 

      Depends on. I'm not talking about a program for heavy contesters with multiple seats, radios used by top 5 WW winners. I'm talking about basic contest features for an average single op station participating in a contest for fun. Something similar as offered by UCXLOG.

      Béla, HA5DI

    • Dave

      Dave - 2009-01-19

      I agree that contest logging would be a good addition. I would also like to see a few fields added to save things like FISTS or SKCC contacts that can be searched for the purpose of tracking those. I have a Windows logging program that has contest modes, user defined fields and very advanced search functions. I'd like to see it matched so that I can pretty much ditch the Windows system, or least ignore it.


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