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I've been using cpufreqd successfully with the DSL-N distro (2.6.12) and would now like to use cpufreqd with the DSL distro (2.4.26) on the same laptop.

In order to get the cpufreq drivers working with 2.4.26, a patch is required to modify the kernel and add the modules - I've done this and compiled the speedstep-centrino and p4clockmod drivers (I use speedstep-centrino with 2.6.12).

I have installed the cpufreqd debian package without problems under the patched 2.4.26 and it seems to run OK - the "run in foreground" option shows that the rules are being evaluated based on acpi events, etc.

My problem is that cpufreq does not supply any governors (eg powersave, conservative, etc) in the 2.4.26 patch and only has the following kernel options:


Given this, is it possible to modify the rules so that cpufreqd changes the speedstep settings directly by using the userspace interface (equivalent to echo x > /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/performance?)? If so, how would this work?

Thanks, John


  • Mattia Dongili

    Mattia Dongili - 2006-12-07

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    I admit it's quite a while I don't use a 2.4 kernel, but to answer your questions:
    with cpufreq in 2.4 you should have a /proc/cpufreq file that will be used by cpufreqd. You should notice if it works by 'cat /proc/cpufreq' (provided you have a working cpufreq driver). Changing cpufreqd to work with the ACPI performance interface is quite a lot of work and it's not much useful...
    Also, 2.4 only supports the userspace governor and cpufreqd should be able to work with it.

    Anyway I did see also your posts to the cpufreq mailing list, what I don't understand is why you want to use such an obsolete (and unsupported) kernel when 2.6 is working for you.


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    Yes, I am doing this via "CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor" applet. It comes as part of gnome-applets package. The GUI runs under the credentials of the logged-in (ordinary) user, and talks to /usr/sbin/cpufreqd running as root.

    Cannot assure it will work 100% in your case (as I am at kernel level 2.6.17) but this is the way it works for me.

  • Mattia Dongili

    Mattia Dongili - 2013-12-30
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  • Mattia Dongili

    Mattia Dongili - 2013-12-30

    Resolving, hopefully it worked back then.
    ...and I just committed a change to delete support for 2.4 kernels.


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