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cpufreqd-2.3.4 released

A new release that fixes a few bugs.
Note that I moved the repository to git here:

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2009-03-21

cpufreqd-2.3.3 released

Fixed reading the acpi battery status (there are different attributes from which cpufreqd can read from).

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2008-08-23

cpufreqd-2.3.2 released

The 2.3 release of cpufreqd switches to sysfs to read the ACPI data, it fixes some bugs from precious versions and brings some renewed enthusiasm to at trying to work on cpufreqd some more.
P.S.: yes, also 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 were released before this one.

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2008-08-11

cpufreqd-2.2.1 released

Hi there!
This revision fixes some minor bugs, expecially cpufreqd-get should display better results.

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2006-11-22

cpufreqd-2.2.0 released

* SMP/SMT awareness in profiles/rules settings and cpu_plugin
* added TAU plugin for G3 processors temperature monitoring
* add "-l" switch to cpufreqd-get to list current profile for each CPU. NOTE: the current profile is not reported with simply `cpufreqd-get`
* deal with unfair bioses which change frequency (and locks it for some time) behind our back
* restore reading /proc/<pid>/cmdline instead of /p/<p>/exe and try to normalize the process name
* do not set a Rule as "current" if it fails to apply

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2006-09-23

cpufreqd-2.1.1 released

This release fixed a couple of annoying bugs (a crash and acpi_ac not updating correctly after resume).

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2006-06-22

cpufreqd-2.1.0 released

version 2.1.0
* grouped some useful info in struct cpufreqd_info to let plugins peek important data
* added -m switch to start cpufreqd in manual mode
* reset timer when entering manual mode
* forcing update when exiting manual mode
* sanitized set/reset of SIGALRM
* added cpufreqd_exec plugin
* added cpufreqd_acpi_event plugin
* added cpufreqd_governor_parameters plugin
* merged all ACPI plugins into one to let them cohoperate (eg: wait for events)
* acpi_battery now can read /proc/acpi files at longer intervals and estimates
battery level in between them
* acpi_ac waits for ACPI events instead of polling

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2006-06-18

cpufreqd-2.0.0 Final released

Finally the stable release of cpufreqd!
Look at the cpufreqd homepage for further informations (http://cpufreqd.sf.net).

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2005-11-26

cpufreqd-2.0.0-pre2 released

One more pre-release. Hold on this should be the last before 2.0.0.
See http://cpufreqd.sf.net for more.

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2005-11-01

cpufreqd-2.0.0-pre1 released


* NOTE *

This is a pre release! Things may not work as you expect, use this software at
your own risk.
Cpufreqd2 now provides all the features of cpufreqd1 plus a lot more! The
configuration file format is still compatible but will emit a lot of warnings
if you still use the old format. Take a look at the cpufreqd.conf manpage to see
what changed.... read more

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2005-09-25

cpufreqd-2.0.0-beta4 released

Please see distributed the README file and the manpages for many important changes (the most important being the incompatibility with the old cpufreqd configuration file -you mostly need to close section tags, eg: [General][/General], and see new available configuration options)!

Please test it, I'd really appreciate some feedback to be able to release a stable version as soon as possible.

NOTE: pmu is not supported (yet?) and apm is very experimental (I don't have apm HW around, just ported the old plugin).

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2005-08-25

cpufreqd-1.2.3 released

This is just a bugfix release, please update if you can. See changelog for details.

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2005-05-14


just fixed a bug that appeared in 1.2.1, sorry...

/me thinks that it's dangerous to have minor releases when major changes are floating around...

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2004-10-25


This release only fixes support for ACPI desktop users.
Debian packages available in official repositories asap.

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2004-10-24

cpufreqd 1.2.0 released

This release focuses on some add-ons such as support for multiple processors, translation between percentage and absolute values for 2.6 kernels and some major bug-fixes: ACPI support is extended to desktop PCs where neither a battery nor an ac_adapter is available (I'm running it successfully at home to keep my P4 a little cooler).

Posted by Mattia Dongili 2004-08-23