#15 Custom test

Ben Tyger

Here is my problem and my idea to work around it. I'm open to other ideas too.

My laptop (Lenovo T61) easily gets over 70C when it's not in using the 'powersave' governor. My problem is that once it gets above 70C, my laptop gets too hot to be left on my lap without causing burns if it is on bare skin. I know laptops are designed to run much hotter than that too. So I am forced to run my laptop at it's minimal speeds to keep it cool. Now when the laptop is on the desk, I don't care how hot it get (within reason). Since I can't think of any real logical way to detect if it on your lap or desk, other than ACPI Dock (see other feature request), I was thinking of a more generic way of detecting the status. I was thinking of making a script that is run during a status polling to test which rules should set the profile. I was just thinking a boolean response. (- success / ! 0 fail ). This would also leave room for tests that are outside the main scope of cpufreqd for more interesting setups.


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