Hi -
I've produced a patch which quiets compiler warnings for cppunit-1.12.0 under g++-4.1.  Is there some way I can contribute this patch to the project?

In more detail:

I work in an environment where we do not allow compiler warnings about our code to persist.  In detail, we run g++ (4.1 in my case) with "-ansi -W -Wall -Werror" and fail the build on any warning.  All this would be fine, except that we get compiler warnings from the cppunit headers themselves:

include/cppunit/extensions/TestFixtureFactory.h:16: warning: 'class CppUnit::TestFixtureFactory' has virtual functions but non-virtual destructor
include/cppunit/extensions/TestFixtureFactory.h:29: warning: 'class CppUnit::ConcretTestFixtureFactory' has virtual functions but non-virtual destructor

For our own local purposes, I decided to patch 1.12.0 such that it would build under our no-warnings setting without problems.  The patch is relatively small - covering 15 files and very few lines of code.  I'm currently maintaining the patch locally, but I think it would make more sense to feed it back to the cppunit project since I think that it's broadly useful to have the unit-test framework be sufficiently clean to allow high levels of compiler-based checking without problems.  (I know I'm not the only person with this issue -- see, for instance, http://www.calitko.org/source-talk/682.)
So the question to you is:  what next?  Does this seem like a worthwhile patch submission for cppunit?  If so, should I post the patch to this list?  Or send it to someone particular?  Is a patch against 1.12.0 good enough, or should I generate a patch against the latest CVS sources?  I've never tried to feed stuff back to a sourceforge project before, so I'm not quite sure how to proceed.