Cross compiling CppUnit

  • rob

    rob - 2005-04-07

    I have successfully installed CppUnit in the Cygwin environment running on my PC and have begun writing tests; however, what I would really like to do is cross-compile CppUnit to run on a QNX embedded target. I find myself wanting to copy all the .h and .cpp files into a directory in my workspace, create a makefile that specifies how to compile all the files into a library that I can link into my executable, and then continue. The problem is that I would rather use CppUnit "out of the box" without having to play around with it. Is there any way to create a CppUnit library? It seems that the ./configure, make install, and make configure CppUnit to run on a host. What about configuring it to just be a library that I can cross-compile onto a target? Forgive me if I'm not being very clear.

    • greedo

      greedo - 2007-01-30

      I too am trying to compile cppUnit in QNX.  I'm pretty new to the difference in the make files, and am trying to find a really simple solution, even if its one big make file that I compile to a library, and then link to with my other tests.  However compiling the whole thing I suppose would be the next best thing.

    • greedo

      greedo - 2007-01-30

      Is there a way to specify during the ./configure where you can specify which compiler you wish to use?  For QNX, we use QCC intead of g++.  Rather than going through the make file trying to change that, is there an option for the configure command?


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