how to use cppunit on newer Eclipse?

  • Gallagher Polyn

    Gallagher Polyn - 2009-02-11


    I've been working with Eclipse CDT, after switching to a mac and now without Visual Studio to use.

    I'd like to use cppunit, but the ample instructions posted at the following source... not seem to apply to the Eclipse version I have lately installed.

    Maybe someone can tell me what to do with cppunit for Eclipse 3.4.1 with CDT 5.0.1?

    Thanks for any comments or references.


    • Mikael Steen Springer

      Check out the ECUT Eclipse plugin.

           Regards, Micke

    • Kevin Priest

      Kevin Priest - 2009-02-15

      (I haven't tried ECUT -- never heard of it until I saw the reply above -- but I will be trying that as an alternative. If you're still interested in building CppUnit with eclipse Ganymede and CDT 5.0.1, read on.)

      I just built CppUnit 1.12.1 with eclipse Ganymede 3.4.1 and CDT 5.0.1 yesterday. The CppUnitWithEclipse wiki page does appear to have been done with an earlier version of both. For example, there is no Managed Make project, although the CDT Help is even schizo about this: page C/C++ Development User Guide > Tasks > 'Creating a project' states, "You can create a standard make or managed make C or C++ project." However, page 'New Project Wizard' states, "In CDT 3.x, there were 2 different project types: 'Managed make' and 'Standard make', resp. Currently, these features are combined in the single project."

      So, I just created a new C++ Project as a shared library.

      The project properties configuration dialog is also a little different. The Tool Settings tab is not directly under the C/C++ Build item, but rather under the Settings item under C/C++ Build.


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