CppUnit on Windows NT/2000

  • Ahmed Hafeez

    Ahmed Hafeez - 2001-07-09

    Is anyone using CppUnit in Windows 2000 environment? If so can you send me directions to compile.

    • Anonymous - 2001-07-11

      If you do have VC++ environment then i think you can test it. Simply You download the cppunit15.zip. It has 3 project files as Culib.dsw,TestRunner.dsw(dll file),and HostApp.dsw.HostApp will use the TestRunner.dll. So after compiling set the Objects/Libraries in the Link Tab(Project->Setting)to TestRunner.dll.
      Compile and execute HostApp.
      I hope you will see the result of testing some Double functions.

    • Lynn Allan

      Lynn Allan - 2002-04-20

      CppUnit assistance

      I came across a webpage by John Lam that may be useful.  I believe it is specifically concerned with an earlier version of cppunit, but I found it useful to get cppunit to compile/link with visual c++.


      I put together something similar that may be useful for ver 1.8.0.  There is a very simple, barebones vc6 full project that updates the "cookbook" example for vc6 that used a Complex class.  It has the settings all predone and can serve as a template.  It is assumed to be 'installed' at:

      The vc6 project (including .dsw, .dsp, .cpp, and .exe) is available directly from:

      There is also a somewhat fuller example using a simple Employee class. The included .dsw and .dsp already have the settings for resolving includes, libs, and dll's. It is assumed to be 'installed' at:

      The vc6 project (.dsw, .dsp, .cpp, and .exe) is available directly from:

      There is yet another example with a less simple Employee class.  It was actually written to document a possible flaw in cppunit, but can also serve as a vc6 example.  Realize there is some flaky/confusing code in it that illustrate which 'handler' is called by the cppunit framework.

      This Employee class has std::strings for _firstname and _lastname.  Equality is considered having the first and last names being the same, without case sensitivity.  Therefore, a 'deep' compare is required for CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL rather than a shallow compare of whether the pointers are the same.

      This vc6 project (including .dsw, .dsp, .cpp, and .exe) has the settings for includes, multi-thread dll's, and .lib. It assumes that it is installed at:

      It is available directly at:

      Lynn Allan

    • Anonymous - 2002-04-30

      hi,i am a newbie in this area. I download the cppunit ver 1.8.0 and ComplexVc6Cookbook.zip.
      when i compile the example,vc6 tell me the error:
      d:\cppunittest\cppunit\examples\msvc6\complexvc6cookbook\complexvc6cookbook.cpp(85) : error C2593: 'operator ==' is ambiguous

      what is wrong with it ? can u tell me?thank u.


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