Rogue Wave port

  • Bobby Nations

    Bobby Nations - 2002-01-24

    Hello, does anyone know where the Rogue Wave port of CppUnit is located?  I'm not able to find it at the moment, and I'm stuck on a Solaris machine w/o an STL.  Sigh.

    Thanks, Bobby

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2002-01-26

      I'm not aware of a RW port of CppUnit. I just managed to build gcc-3.0.3 and it successfully build CppUnit. I don't know if that is an option for you or not.


    • Juha Laitinen

      Juha Laitinen - 2002-07-02

      We are running Compaq Tru64 UNIX 5.1 boxes with the DEC cxx version 6.2 compilers. The compiler uses the Rogue Wave Standard C++ Library. The cppunit library version used is 1.8.0.

      With default configure options the compilation fails to sstream errors. Compilation worked ok with following command:

      ./configure --disable-shared CC=cc CXX=cxx CXXFLAGS="-D__USE_STD_IOSTREAM

      Compilation and installation were successful but "make check" failed with unresolved symbol errors.

      After lot's of recompiling the problem was discovered. The "make check" didn't recognise template instatiations.

      The cxx stores the template instantiation records in a separate repository directory (by default ./cxx_repository) which is used to resolve template types. So an extra CXXFLAG, -ptr <repository_dir>, has to be used when linking cppunit tests.



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