Cppunit and Visual Studio 2008

  • Hi,
       I am a new user for Cppunit and haven't worked much on the .NET framework also. I have downloaded the current version of Cppunit i.e 1.12.1. I have Visual studio 2008 installed. Could anyone suggest how I can work my way around.
    I have followed all the steps given to use Cppunit with VS 6.0, but still its not working.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Andy Dent
      Andy Dent

      In the Examples directory is an example project examples2008.sln which allows compilation with VS2008.

      I think the top-level MSVC6 directory is in the wrong place as others are in examples.


    • Thank you for your help. I started everything from scratch.
      If I give the command as 'copy "\testrunnerd.dll"($OutDir)' in post=build, it gives me an error that the syntax is wrong. If I manually copy it and try to run the program. It gives me an error Debug Assertion Failed.

      • Andy Dent
        Andy Dent

        Look at examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.vcproj
        and you will see the copy line for
        "copy $(InputPath) $(IntDir)\$(InputName).dll

        You have specified an absolute path starting at the root of the current disk and given a directory as the destination argument, instead of a file name.

        The Debug Assertion Failed error by itself is not very meaningful. You need to supply more details about where the error was reported and what you were running, were you running from the IDE in debug mode or by double-clicking an executable.

    • Do we have to use the same procedure provided for VS6 in order to make Cppunit work for Visual Studio 2008? Are there any other changes to be made in the MFC?
      The command I gave in Post Build was 'copy"D:/cppunit/testrunnerd.dll"($OutDir)'

      • Andy Dent
        Andy Dent

        I'm not quite sure what you mean.

        Please read http://cppunit.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cppunit/cppunit/INSTALL-VS.Net2008.txt?view=log which discussed all the changes.

        I'm not sure it is a good idea for you to start from scratch - why not use my project and see if you run into problems and then do a textual compare of the .sln and .vcproj files with yours?

    • Thanks for the reply.
      I tried runng CppUnitTestApp. It runs fine. But when I go to create my own new project, it gives me an error that the program has caused an assertion failure. Maybe the settings are wrong