Test Suite with common class member data?

  • Corey Wirun

    Corey Wirun - 2007-01-25

    Hi All,

    I want to set up multiple tests in a suite ('hosted' in a class).  I set up something like this:

    class CTest : public CPPUNIT_NS::TestFixture
      CPPUNIT_TEST( testLogon );
      CPPUNIT_TEST( testVol );


    The problem is that I want to create/use a single database connection (in a member variable) that is common to all tests.  I tried to create a CTest constructor and destructor, but it appears that for every test I get setUp/tearDown AND the CTest constructor/destructor executed.  And getting rid of the constructor/destructor still means the setUp/tearDown run on every test...

    This means that my database connection gets created and gets dropped on every test.  Is this by design?  I don't want to group multiple test cases under one suite test because this results in always a 100% success or a 100% failure of the suite.

    Any guidance would be appreciated as this is my first use of CPPUnit.

    Thanks in Advance!
    Corey Wirun

    • otmane

      otmane - 2007-07-31

      In my opinion u should not use a TestFixture, use a TestCase for every test u want, and group them in a CppUnit::TestSuite.
      Exemple :
      -create your database connection object
      -create your class of test : MyClass:public CppUnit::TestCase;
      -u pass the connection object and test parameters on the constructor of MyClass ...
      -u can create many test as u want with different parameters, then group them in a CppUnit::TestSuite
      -finally u run all tests
      -after tests finished u close the database connection

      Sorry for my bad english, hope it will help u.


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