CppUnit 1.11.0 released!

  • Baptiste Lepilleur

    Please report any compilation issues (specifically regression from 1.10.2), as this will be the future stable release 1.12.0.

    New in CppUnit 1.11.0:

    * Portability:

      - Support for Embedded Visual C++ 4 added. For this purpose, CppUnit now
        provides a very simple stream implementation if none is provided.
        This should also help porting on other platforms which have STL but
        no stream support. Just make sure that CPPUNIT_NO_STREAM is defined
        to 1 in your config header.

    * Assertion:

      - Added missing _MESSAGE variants for the following assertions:


        Notes: change made to CPPUNIT_ASSERT_THROW may cause compilation error
        if you're expecting std::exception as it would be caught twice. Contact
        if it is an issue (we don't see much use for such a test).

        Some assertions failure message are now more detailed (exception,
        Thanks to Neil Ferguson who contributed this patch.

      - Assertion on real number now output expected and actual value using the
        maximum available precision instead of the previous strategy of rounding
        to 6 digits.

        Thanks to Neil Ferguson who contributed this patch.

    * Outputter:

      - XML Ouputter: patch #997006 contributed by Akos Maroy makes the
        'stand-alone' attribute of the XML header optional.
        See XmlOutputter::setStandalone() & XmlDocument::setStandalone().

      - Better integration of compiler output for gcc on Mac OS X with Xcode
        (contributed by Claus Broch).

    * MFC Test Runner

      - Integration with VC++ 7.0 & 7.1. Double clicking on a failure will now
        to the failure location in the open IDE (no add-in necessary).
        This was contributed by Max Quatember and Andreas Pfaffenbichler.

      - Progress bar: now use system color to draw border
        (patch from bug #1165875 contributed by Pieter Van Dyck).

    * QT Test Runner

      - Fixed display of multi-line messages (patch contributed by Karol

    * Compilation:

      - MinGW: patch #1024428 contributed by astar, fixed compilation issue in

      - MinGW, cygwin: enable build of shared library when using libtool.
        patch #1194394 contributed by Stphane Fillod.

      - autotool: applied patch #1076398 contributed by Henner Sudek. Quote:
       "This patch allows AM_PATH_CPPUNIT to accept version
      numbers without minor and micro version.
      Now you can do:
      instead of

    * Documentation:

      - Corrected many typos in cookbook and money example. Thanks to all
        those who helped !

    * Bug Fix:

      - cppunit.m4: patch #946302, AM_PATH_CPPUNIT doesn't report result
        if CppUnit is missing.

      - Message/SourceLine: copy constructor have been specifically implemented
        to ensure they are thread-safe even if std::string copy constructor
        is not (usually on reference count based implementation).

      - TestResultCollector: fixed memory leak occuring when calling reset().

    * Contrib:

      - added XSLT for compatibility with Ant junit xml formatter.
        Patch #1112053 contributed by Norbert Barbosa.
        See xml-xsl/cppunit2junit.xsl and cppunit2junit.txt for details.

    * (Possible) Compatiblity break:

      - All text output is now done on cout() instead of sometime cerr &
        sometime cout depending on the component.

      - OStringStream definition has been removed from Portability.h. This
        means that <sstream> is no longer included, and that ostringstream and
        string might not be defined. In practice this should have no impact
        since those includes have been moved to other CppUnit headers.

    * Notes:

      - CppUnit now uses the alias OStream when refering to std::ostream for


    Baptiste Lepilleur <blep@users.sourceforge.net>
    CppUnit maintainer
    OpenTest and CppUnit 2 developer.

    • Phil Pell

      Phil Pell - 2006-02-24

      With regard to this part:

      > - Integration with VC++ 7.0 & 7.1. Double clicking on a failure will now
      > to the failure location in the open IDE (no add-in necessary).
      > This was contributed by Max Quatember and Andreas Pfaffenbichler.

      I had some trouble getting this to work in VS.NET 2005, and it turned out that I needed to have the /FC (Full Path of Source Code File in Diagnostics) compiler option set in order for this to work.  See the documentation here for more details: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/027c4t2s.aspx


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