Daryl Lee - 2008-07-07

I'm not sure how to submit a change to the project, so hopefully someone here might see this and offer to help.

Like several people, I had a problem getting started with Visual Studio tools.  I finally figured out that the INSTALL-WIN32.txt was wrong.  Here is the corrections I came up with to "Quick Steps" to get going with VC6.  I'm sure the same solution will work for later versions of Visual Studio.  Note that the step to build the CppUnitLibraries workspace is all I added.

Quick Steps to compile & run a sample using the GUI TestRunner:
- Open src/CppUnitLibraries.dsw in VC++
- Compile (here and below, that means Batch Build->Build)
- For Visual Studio 6 only:
   - in VC++, Tools/Customize.../Add-ins and macro files/Browse...
   - select the file lib/TestRunnerDSPlugIn.dll and press ok to register
     the add-ins (double-click on failure = open file in VC++).
- Open examples/examples.dsw in VC++ (contains all the samples).
  VC7 will ask you if you want to convert, anwser 'yes to all'.
- Make HostApp the Active project
- Compile
- Run the project