1.8.0 flawed

  • Rolv Seehuus

    Rolv Seehuus - 2002-04-30

    Hey guys, how are the tests for CppUnit coming around? 1.8.0 have some curious sideeffects at some cases. I have not been able to reproduce this exact behaviour in a non-production environment, but thats more because of lack of time on my side, than anything else, as the following discussion will show:

    I have a small test harness, with not more than 13 tests. Here is a summary of the sideeffects I'm experiencing:

    Adding an empty nonfailing test to an existing suite:
    - A previously working test not at all corellated to the test suite I'm working on fails. Commenting out the body of this previously working test, still it fail!

    Adding a new suite, with one working test:
    - One test fails.
    Setting the one working test in the new suite to fail:
    - The expected test, pluss a completely different test than before, fails.

    Remember: These are different tests that fails!

    Downgrading to CppUnit 1.6.1 fixed the problem, so I can only conclude that this is because of an error in 1.8.0. I recomend that everybody do the same thing, until we have some tests for atleast the basics of CppUnit up and running...

    (Btw: I'm using the TestFactoryRegistry, and the HelperMacros to register tests and create the full testsuite. )

    • Bob Anderson

      Bob Anderson - 2002-05-02

      I would suggest trying a recompile of your app from scratch.  Mysterious errors went away for me when I did that.


      • Rolv Seehuus

        Rolv Seehuus - 2002-05-03

        Had it only been so well. :-) Every time I find something 'suspicious', like test failures or segfaults, first thing I do is to checkout a new version and rebuild from scratch. That often solves the problem, agreed. So therefore I'm not in any doubt what so ever that there is somethin g wrong here, and tests would have showed that.

    • Bob Anderson

      Bob Anderson - 2002-05-03

      I concur that there is a problem.  My symptoms are failing tests not showing up as failures.

      It appears that the exceptions being thrown are being caught as "ExpectedException" as discarded.  I don't understand this at all, and it is driving me crazy.


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