Colin Peart - 2006-07-21

There are features of CPPUnit2 that I want and some of which I need (esp. Test case annotation).  However, it's state is cleary still under development.  How mature is it?  How much is it likely to change?  Is an initial or beta release 6 months away, or 2 years? 

I am at a crossroads where I either need to
a) Use the dev-code and live with the issues related to that
b) hold off on the work I would like to do with those features because a release or release candidate is not too far off
c) Use some other method (i.e. I was playing with the idea of a JavaDocs or Doxygen style  solution), and possibly merge that with the existing test reports.
d) write custom additions to the released CPPUnit code base to support my needs (and if there is interest, I can stabilize those additions enough to share back)

If anyone can give me a general feeling of the state of CPPUnit2, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am working on unit testing indoctrination and integration of unit testing into my departmental processes.  One of the requirements or goals we have is to connect software requirements and design decisions to the test cases that implement them.  During maintenance, we could also connect the bug reports to the tests written to reproduce and verify the fix for a bug.

For general discussion, here is what I am doing, and what my goals are:

Initially, I am working with a spreadsheet to manually keep track of that, but by introducing unit testing to the rest of the department, I want to make it as easy as possible for developers to maintain that mapping from test case to the documentation that describes the behaviour under testing.  The CPPUNIT2 test attribute tree looks to be perfect for this, and I am working on the assumption that the information will be part of the XML report generated, so that we can connect it to our web based QA/QC management system.