Sven Reichard - 2002-04-16


what's your position to using an XP approach on this project? I know it was mentioned somewhere in the forum, however I couldn't find it right now.

I must admit that I have never actually worked on an XP project, however I am intrigued by the subject, and I'm in favor of applying it here.

I assume that you are all familiar with what Extreme Programming is, but let's list *some* of the key elements:

- no "Big Upfront Design"
- instead evolving design based on customer stories (use cases)
- test first
- just code enough to make the tests pass (aka TSTTW or TSTTCPW, i.e., the simplest thing that could possibly work, or YAGNI)
- constant refactoring
- collective code ownership (i.e., everybody's responsible)
- lots of communication
- pair programming (not)
- etc.

Let me know what you think. I will post a couple of sketchy stories (more like a feature list) in another thread.

Sorry if I (as the team's youngest member) appear to be asking a lot. However I, like you, just want to get cracking.