Only check specific Configurations in vcxproj

  • Edward Catchpole

    I've just started using --project=MyVSProject.vcxproj to kick-off analysis, but cppcheck appears to always check every Configuration - we have ~15 that are all basically identical apart from enabling/disabling some optimisations and build settings. Is there a way to tell cppcheck to only analyse a specific config?

    I'm not going to get much more by analysing all the configs (and taking 15 times longer) than just checking one of them.

    Looking at ImportProject::importVcxproj, I can't see any logic that would allow it to exclude/include specific configs, so I assume this feature doesn't exist currently.

  • Mr. X

    Mr. X - 2017-01-24

    cppcheck should try to detect configurations that are identical (from cppcheck's point of view) and avoid checking them automatically.

  • Simon Fraser

    Simon Fraser - 2017-02-14

    I have a local fix for this that I am testing. Once I'm happy with it I will offer it up as an improvement to CppCheck.

  • Daniel Marjamäki


    I agree with Mr X. And also it would be great if you could specify which specific configuration(s) you want to check in some good way. Some partial fix will be nice.


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