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Common C++ joins GNU project

With the 1.0.0 release made available today, Common C++ formally has become a package that is part of the GNU project ( In addition to distribution from SourceForge, this and future Common C++ releases will also become available directly from under ftp://pub/gnu/CommonC++ and various GNU mirror sites.

Posted by David Sugar 2000-05-01

First merged release of APE and Common C++ delivered

The first release of a merged APE and Common C++ code base has been completed today. This initial release has been called Common C++ 0.9.0, and represents a rapid commitment to the continuing effort of creating a portable and very broard C++ application framework for threading, sockets, and system services.

Future releases of Common C++ will include the Bayonne scripting engine and support for portable serial I/O services. The Common C++ project has been tested with Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Tru64 Unix, and Win32. While used as the foundation for the iCommunity and Bayonne projects, Common C++ is open to outside developers and those who wish to help us make Common C++ a standard general purpose portable application development framework.

Posted by David Sugar 2000-03-15

The CommonC++ Libraries announce merge with APE

Due to many compounding factors, the development of the project "Common C++ Libraries (cplusplus)" has to cease.

However, a related project - APE - has agreed to take on the work done so far, and integrate it into an ever increasing base of functionality already present and form a new combined project that will retain the Common C++ name.

This new project will contain all that is found in APE today and all the best elements of CommonC++.... read more

Posted by Daniel Silverstone 2000-03-15

Common C++ Libs: Call for Developers and Web Designers

The Common C++ Libraries needs more developers.

Real-Life work has slowed development to a crawl, and it seems a pity to let this work go to waste.

If noone wants to help, I will unfortunately be forced to close the project.

There have been almost 400 downloads and I am saddened that no comment has been returned.

My Heartfelt thanks to sourceforge for letting me try.


Posted by Daniel Silverstone 2000-02-25

CommonC++ Milestone in Development

The CommonC++ Libraries have reached a milestone in the development cycle.

We have completed integration of libSync++ and intend to do a release as soon as the comment style is standardised.

The Make system has had a small revamp, and the libs will soon need -lpthread adding, as soon as I have modified the test app to begin to test most of the libCommonC++ features


Posted by Daniel Silverstone 2000-02-10

libTypes++ - more ideas

Comments in the survey have included the identification of a need for hash tables, lists etc. Are the STL implementations not standard enough? Should I wrap them, or do I need to roll my own?

IMHO the STL is good enough for things like that, although I was considering doing my own streams as STL streams use hideous multiple-inheritance poo.

Posted by Daniel Silverstone 2000-02-04

libCommonC++ release 0.00

I have moved everything around and
make a different project called libCommonC++

It is in the correct form for the final project and hopefully will work. Make will build as per expected a library called libCommonC++.a

Posted by Daniel Silverstone 2000-01-20

Ideas for the Maths Library needed

I am preparing to code the Math library. It will be compatible with the Persistence Library (Optionally including << and >> operators to work with Persistence Engines if you have libPersist++ installed on your system) However I need some ideas as to what people would like to see.

I was thinking about Random numbers, 2D and 3D Vector ops, Complex number ops - and anything else people come up with

Posted by Daniel Silverstone 2000-01-18

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