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Crispy Plotter 1.8 released

Crispy Plotter 1.8 has been released. This new version can be considered a major release with a lot of new features (see release notes for a full list):

The parser of Crispy Plotter has been rewritten from scratch with huge speed improvements (evaluation usually runs twice as fast). With the new parser, any expression can be assigned to variables, which allows more powerful function expressions. In earlier versions variables values had to be numbers. ... read more

Posted by koelzk 2011-10-31

Crispy Plotter 1.7.3 released

This version of Crispy Plotter comes with full Unicode-support, which allows using any letters of your favorite writing system in parameter names (e.g. α for an angle).

Also Crispy Plotter has been localized to Chinese now, which was made possible by migrating to Unicode. Thanks to the translation work of Yinghua Wang, the Crispy Plotter user interface as well as the installer is available in Chinese.... read more

Posted by koelzk 2010-09-07

Crispy Plotter 1.7.2 released

The latest version of Crispy Plotter comes with Czech language support. Thanks to the efforts of Martin Kováčik, CP users can view and edit function graphs with a Czech user interface. The install setup also has been localized to Czech.

If you would like to see your language in Crispy Plotter as well, then you are welcome to contribute. You can find more information on translating Crispy Plotter here:

Posted by koelzk 2010-05-05

Crispy Plotter 1.7 released

Crispy Plotter 1.7 has been released and it comes with a bag of new features: One of them is the new printing capability, which will make your function graphs look good on paper too. If you prefer your function graph as images with compact file size, you can now export them as JPEG image.

Another feature is the Windows Vista and Windows 7 support: Now Crispy Plotter can be safely run by an unprivileged user. Also thanks to the kind support of Pedro Silva, Crispy Plotter is now available in Portuguese.... read more

Posted by koelzk 2010-03-21

Crispy Plotter 1.6.2 released

Crispy Plotter version 1.6.2 is a new minor, yet nice verison update. It features a new and much nicer font rendering for OpenGL mode, supporting Anti-aliasing and better text readability. This raises the display quality of OpenGL mode to the high level of the much slower Software modes and makes it the preferred render mode for most PCs.

Posted by koelzk 2009-07-25

Crispy Plotter 1.6 released

Crispy Plotter 1.6 has been released. This version featurews a new, powerful plotter control with lots of cool features: It supports Anti-aliasing for OpenGL, so plotted functions graphs will look a lot better now.

Also there are the two new render modes Gdi+ and Anti-Grain Geometry, which support Anti-aliasing as well. While Gdi+ features a good compromise of display quality and speed, Anti-Grain Geometry gives the most polished rendering precision.... read more

Posted by koelzk 2009-07-12

Crispy Plotter 1.5.3 released

After quite some time a new version of Crispy Plotter is available. As the version number suggests, this releases is all about improving some small things. A few inbuilt functions have been improved toreturn function values as expected. Also a bug in the text display for axis marks has been fixed. Apart from this, there have been some improvements to the code were made: The code migrated from Delphi 6 to Delphi 7 and all compiler warnings have been resolved.

Posted by koelzk 2009-05-28

Crispy Plotter 1.5.2 released

Thanks to the translations done by Angel Herráez, Crispy Plotter is
now completely (application, Installer and manual) available in Spanish.
Also a German manual has been addeed and some minor bugs have been fixed.

Posted by koelzk 2007-11-29

Crispy Plotter 1.5 released

With the latest release of Crispy Plotter many new features have been introduced. Here is a short list of the most interesting ones:

New User Interface:
Crispy Plotter now has a brand new, fully reworked interface. Instead of using one overloaded tool window, now function editor and settings have been integrated into the main window.

Workspace View:
With the workspace Crispy Plotter provides easy access on your function files. The workspace shows you a tree structure of a folder on your file system. Apart from opening function files you can also rename, move and delete file and folders.... read more

Posted by koelzk 2007-09-13

New screenshots available

Since version 1.0, several changes in the user interface have been made. To give people a better impression of Crispy Plotter's features I uploaded screenshots of the latest version 1.02.

Posted by koelzk 2006-04-02

Crispy Plotter 1.02 released

Crispy Plotter 1.02 is now available for download.
One of the highlights of the new version are an Autocomplete feature for functions(Just press Ctrl + Space) and customizable tab colors.

Another nice improvement comes for the parameter assignment table: If you enter a invalid number for a paremter you do not get annoying error dialog boxes, but subtle red indication ;-).
Also function tabs that were open when Crispy Plotter was closed will be restored the next time you run CP.
So much about the hopefully noticable improvements, but of course there are also a lot of bug fixes.... read more

Posted by koelzk 2006-02-13

More languages for Crispy Plotter!

With Crispy Plotter 1.0.1 multi language support has been added. Now it is time to really make use of it.

If you are familiar with a language, other than English or German, or it is even your mother tongue, you can contribute your knowledge by writing a language file.

In fact writing a language is easy. Since Crispy Plotter is not that communicative, you only need to translate 200 short text rows.

Simply open the English.lng file in a text editor of your choice. You can find this file in the "Languages" sub folder. The structure of a lng file is quite simple: In each row, text is assigned to an identifier in the form of "identifier=text". However many identifiers have sub properties like a hint or caption value.... read more

Posted by koelzk 2005-08-03

Crispy Plotter version 1.0.1 released

A new version of Crispy Plotter is available. With the new version comes one major improvement: Multi language support.

At the moment only 2 languages are available (English and German). However I hope there are people out there, who would like to see their language in Crispy Plotter.

Posted by koelzk 2005-08-03

Crispy Plotter version 1.0 released

This is the first and yet stable release of Crispy Plotter with the following features:
* Graph view can be freely zoomed and scrolled
* Up to 12 functions can be displayed
* Plug-in System, which allows additional functionality through external DLL files
* Visual quality of plotting can be adjusted to the need of slower machines
* Automatic parameter recognition
* Plotter can display graphs of real functions with arbitrary complexity
* Open GL support for hardware accelerated Graph rendering
* Several pre-defined functions (e.g. sin(x) or ln(x))
* Support for Pi and e constants
* Color themes
* Function library, which stores functions in a folder hierarchy

Posted by koelzk 2005-07-18

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