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CPlot 1.0.5 released

CPlot, a simple plotting library for MFC with support for multiple XY and image plots is updated to 1.0.5. This version mainly consists of small bug fixes, including a fix for axes disappearing when all values are negative.

Posted by Todd Clements 2003-07-21

Still active

No updates lately to CPlot, but I'm still working on it.Mostly it works, except for legends, which I may add soon. Please feel free to submit any comments, suggestions, etc.

Posted by Todd Clements 2003-06-03

cplot 1.0.3 released

CPlot is a simple plotting library for XY charts and image charts in MFC based applications. Version 1.0.3 adds a few new features, including coordinate conversions between logical and data coordinates. It also fixes the mistaken #include that made it hard to add CPlot to other projects.

7 Apr 03: Release
7 Apr 03: Updated documentation
4 Apr 03: Added moving circle to current data set in sample application
4 Apr 03: Added a sunken border around the color rectangles in ColorControl
4 Apr 03: Added functions for converting between data coordinates and
logical coordinates. These are DataToLP, LPToData and LPToNearest.
4 Apr 03: Added a SetDataModified function which tells the chart
object that the data arrays have been manually updated and to update
any internal references to the data (such as XYChart which keeps
track of the data minimum and maximum, or ImageChart which keeps
a byte array for display.)
3 Apr 03: Moved m_DataTitle[] member from CXYChart up to CChart since
it is always applicable. The functions GetDataTitle and SetDataTitle
have also been moved up.
3 Apr 03: Changed function "GetDataSet" to function "GetAbsoluteDataSet"
and added a function "GetDataSet" which used the data ID instead
of the absolute index in the array.
3 Apr 03: Removed inclusion of "CPlot.h" in some of the source files
which made it impossible to use CPlot in another project! Whoops.

Posted by Todd Clements 2003-04-06

Release version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 adds support for the color table menu in the CImageChart popup, adds support for filled markers, and fixes a few bugs I found while using the source on another project.

Posted by Todd Clements 2003-03-18

Screen shots

I put up a page that has a couple of screen shots of the plots produced by CPlot.


Posted by Todd Clements 2003-03-17

Release 1.0

The first release of CPlot was made today. It is a stable version with a complete feature set. It includes an extensive help file for the API (with a tutorial), as well as the HTML files and Microsoft HTML Help Workshop files used to create the help.

Posted by Todd Clements 2003-03-12