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Here it is... cpat version 1.2

After a long hiatus, the latest and greatest cpat release is out, offering precious little improvement over the previous release. Two new games, Canfield and Duchess, have been added and some improvements have been made to help/rules text viewer.

Who knows what's in store for next year's release.

Posted by Trev 2008-09-15

CPat 1.0 released at last

After a long hiatus, there has finally been some improvements made to cpat. Apart from minor changes and bugfixes, the main new feature for this release is the ability to keep game statistics and high scores in a userland file (~/.cpat_scores). Hope this is of some use.

Posted by Trev 2007-04-26

0.9 is here

Now, finally, you no longer have to press enter after every move you make. Check out the new move rules if you can't figure out what's going on, but its pretty straight forward.

Posted by Trev 2007-01-11

CPat-0.8.... wow, another game.

The collection now includes stategy.

Posted by Trev 2006-06-26

CPat-0.7 - now with multi-level undo!!

This release adds the ability to undo (an unlimited) number of moves. In order to try and prevent people using this willy-nilly, under normal circumstances, you can only undo moves which revealed no new information (e.g. moving cards from one column to another). However, it is possible to cheat using a command line switch, in which case you can undo any move.

Posted by Trev 2006-06-19

Version 0.6 released

Actually, there's not much to this release just a few cosmetic changes - probably the most useful is the command line switch to increase the speed of the auto-moves.

Posted by Trev 2006-06-02


The games just keep on coming - now you can play Yukon too, although you probably won't play it as much as I do.

Posted by Trev 2006-04-13

CPat 0.4 - get it while its hot

A few new games in this release (Baker's Dozen, Penguin and Scorpion). The games will also work a lot nicer for different terminal screen sizes.

Posted by Trev 2006-03-23

cpat-0.3 Now Available

The latest version of cpat can now be downloaded from the file releases section. This version contains a new game, 40 Thieves, and also the rules of each game are included in the program.

Posted by Trev 2006-03-02

First Release - cpat-0.1

CPat has been unveiled. Check out the first release which contains Freecell, Klondike and Spider.

Documentation is a bit sparse at the moment, but the games all work. Freecell has more info on it than the other games and they are all played using the same move commands.

Have fun and let us know how you like it and what improvements you might suggest.


Posted by Trev 2006-02-16