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archive patches

this release fixes varisous issues with tarball/zip-file formats and has been tested for compatibility with RHELv3. Also includes modifications to fix issues with Mandrake

Posted by Erick Calder 2005-02-07

--upgrade patch

this is an emergency patch to fix the upgrade functionality I broke in 2.024. sorry about that!

Posted by Erick Calder 2004-03-14

CPAN+ support!

the long awaited request for CPAN+ support has been implemented. those still using the old CPAN modules are still supported and a web retrieval for those without either is also available. see --fetch docs on the man page for details.

Posted by Erick Calder 2004-03-13

processing lists of modules

many modules can now be processed in a single call by either specifying them at the command line or providing the program with a file containing the list. See docs for --modules!

Posted by Erick Calder 2004-02-26

smarter about %_arch

this latest release adds intelligence to cpan2rpm, allowing it to creat .noarch packages for cpan modules that have no architecture dependencies. of course, users can always override this functionality on the command line!

Posted by Erick Calder 2004-02-26

config files are great!

Thanks to Toni Willberg for adding what I should have added a long time ago - support for configuration files. you can now store frequently used arguments in a file to eliminate having to keep typing them! see man page for more info.

Posted by Erick Calder 2003-12-23

now supports Module::Build!

many modules now use the new and better Module::Build which comes to replace the venerable ExtUtils::MakeMaker. cpan2rpm now supports both.

Posted by Erick Calder 2003-11-17

various bug fixes and enhancements

- got Authen::PAM to build
- now implements symlinks for quick retrieves
- enhancements to --debug
- some perl 5.00503 support stuff
- RPM 3.x compatibilty work

Posted by Erick Calder 2003-05-02

signature support

new 2.014 version now works with GnuPG and PGP to support signing packages. see man page for further details!

Posted by Erick Calder 2003-02-26