CPAINT v2.0 Features

The developers are only a few days away from releasing CPAINT v2.0. We are finalizing the code and the documentation. Here is a list of most of the changes in v2.0 (subject to change until actual release):

completely rewrote the JavaScript frontend.
100% OOP approach.
completely configurable through setter methods.
support for syncronized calls (SJAX?) ;-).
automatic XML parsing into JavaScript document structure if response_type='object'.
unified use of call() for local and remote targets.
can now use frontend to retrieve static files or backend functions not implemented with CPAINT
use of a single (persistent) connection for multiple calls.
XML to JavaScript parser is able to parse any XML structure now.
support for XML attributes.
added find_item_by_type() to cpaint_result_object.
added get_attribute(), set_attribute() to cpaint_result_object.
improved debugging, added debuglevels 1, 2. see set_debug()

completely rewrote the PHP and ASP backends.
100% OOP approach
nested XML support through composite pattern.
arbitrary XML structure creation support.
changed XML name convention. Attributes and tagnames are send as-is, not in uppercase.

improved readability of the ASP and PHP proxy utilities.
fixed GET requests.
proxy now uses attributenames identical to the CPAINT backend itself whenever possible.
added support for target ports other than 80.
added support for Basic Authentication.
completely redesigned and rewritten documentation!

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Posted by Paige Sullivan 2005-08-03

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