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CoyoteBack's future

Well, given the lack of time on my part, and the lack of people actually using CoyoteBack (thanks to those of you who are and did send in your feedback), Win9x/ME support is not planned for any future release. I have no machines with Win9x/ME installed, nor do I care to! So unless someone else contributes the code for Win9x/ME support, it won't be going in. Same goes for 1.68 and 1.72MB support, as I do not require it, I am not going to put it in, again, unless someone else wants to put in the needed code to allow for this. Given the rather lackluster response I've gotten as a whole for CoyoteBack, it probably will remain at it's current release state for quite some time. It's not being abandoned, it's just it does everything I need it to, so I can't see any future releases coming. If you don't agree, feel free to add a feature request or lodge a defect, post to the forum, anything, because if I don't know your there, I can't do anything for you!... read more

Posted by Dean Mills 2002-01-27

Win9x/ME & 1.68/1.72MB in next release

Thanks to all the testers for your reports and patience while I get the new 9x/ME code ready, this weekend should mark the release that will be both stable for 9x/ME, and as an added bonus for having to wait, 1.68 & 1.72MB formats will be supported as well. Stay tuned!

Posted by Dean Mills 2002-01-10

Disk size limitation update

Looks like I've come up with a way past the 1.44MB limit under Windows, the somewhat unfortunate part is that it will only work under 9x/ME. So I will be rewriting the entire 9x/ME support to encompass this change as well as solidifying the code and feature set under 9x/ME. If anyone knows of a way i can do this under 2K/NT, lemme know, but as far as I can tell, it's not do-able :( I have a few testers running 9x/ME, once they give the thumbs up to the new code I'll commit it and release again. Then it's back to the new features, yeah! :)

Posted by Dean Mills 2002-01-09

Disk size limitation in v1.0.1.1

Currently, as of v1.0.1.1 and all previous versions, CoyoteBack
will not correctly backup or restore disks created on a Linux
machine using the Coyote Linux setup, IF you choose a format/size
larger than 1.44MB. CoyoteBack will not read past that to 1.68MB
or 1.72MB, so while it will make a backup of your 1.72MB floppy,
if you look at the size of the resulting CBU file, it will only
be 1.44MB in size. This won;t be a problem if your CL install,
while built at 1.78MB, fits into 1.44MB, but if it's larger, it
won't. Just thought I should clarify that because a few users
asked why the image was smaller and if it only copied the actual
contents, but it copies the whole disk (even empty ones), so that
is why. As soon as I can figure out how to make Windows work past
the 1.44MB "barrier", support for the larger disks will be in
CoyoteBack. Anyone out there who knows how, or has a C++ snippet
they want to part with, contact me please!

Posted by Dean Mills 2002-01-08

Win 9x/ME support added

It's started, but needs lots of testing. Please read the Changelog.txt for more info.

Posted by Dean Mills 2002-01-06

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