Question about firstcover" parameter

  • Oliver Antipattern

    Hello Mikaël

    I'm sorry to bother you again. I have a question about the coverJuke.ini parameter named "firstcover".

    By default the parameter is set like

    # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # First file search in folder for cover picture
    # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    firstcover = folder.jpg

    So if multiple image files are present in an album directory, coverJuke picks the file named "folder.jpg" to be displayed. Right?

    Now imagine the following Album directory

    |       01 Track One.mp3
    |       02 Track Two.mp3
    |       03 Track Three.mp3
    |       back.jpg
    |       folder.jpg

    The directory contains two image files ("back.jpg" and "folder.jpg").

    Strangely coverJuke will always display "back.jpg" instead of "folder.jpg".
    It's like coverJuke is ignoring the parameter "firstcover" and picks the first image alphabetically.

    Is my understanding of the parameter "firstcover" all wrong?
    Are you able to reproduce this behavior?


    • Jens Wolf

      Jens Wolf - 2009-02-14


      I don't understand the meaning of the firstcover parameter too.
      At me its the same, my pictures are named like the albums and they are loaded alphabetically too.
      but I think thats ok when the first picture is taken.

      maybe you can delete this parameter!?

        Greetings demmy86

    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2009-02-16

      I try to reproduce the problem and remove it for the next version.

      But I will not remove this parameter because it was an old demand and it use by some users.


      • Oliver Antipattern

        Yes, I for one would find the parameter very useful.

        Thanks for looking into this :-)


    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2009-02-17


      I've just found the bug.
      It's when "folder.jpg" in a read only file.

      It will be a remember in next version of coverJuke.


      • Oliver Antipattern

        Yes, that's it!
        Thanks for your support!

    • Jens Wolf

      Jens Wolf - 2009-02-19

      Yes but I named the album covers like the Albums.
      and I don't want to rename all the 400 covers.
      Please consider that!


    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2009-02-19

      Don't worry demmy86! :-)

    • Oliver Antipattern

      This issue seems to be resolved in v1.54. Thanks Mikaël!


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