defaultdir in configuration.ini

  • Tobias Rokseth

    Tobias Rokseth - 2008-10-31

    I cant get coverjuke to detect my music data found in the directory...

    i wonder if someone could give me their working defaultdir line from configuration.ini

    My musicfolder is c:\music

    Best regards

    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2008-10-31

      Hi Trenedy  ,

      Normaly you just modify coverjuke.ini and edit the line defaultdir.

      defaultdir = c:\music

      That's all,

    • Tobias Rokseth

      Tobias Rokseth - 2008-10-31

      Ok..I added a subfolder in my music folder...the error message then disapeared.

      But now i got another one...2-3 seconds after starting the app i get "coverjuke.exe has stopped working" then Vista closes it.

      I have tried all the different coverloading modes in the ini files...but no change.

      Then i tried to install it on another computer running win XP. there i get the same problem with the message "coverjuke.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close...."

      Do I need to install some kind of runtime to get it to work?

      Best regards

    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2008-10-31

      No you don't need anything.

      It's very strange... your the ultimate tester :-)
      What have you in your music folder.
      just one albums? album without cover?

    • Tobias Rokseth

      Tobias Rokseth - 2008-11-01

      I had one album with cover...only 2-3 tracks.

      I increased to 7 albums in seperate folders (under the music folder)...then everything works fine :)


    • Robin D

      Robin D - 2008-11-05

      I also have a problem with the defaultdir in 1.44
      I'm running this on vista.
      I want to add two separate albums so I can switch between them with F11 and F12.
      but when I enter the path to the two folders I can only browse the first one, when pressing F12 I get the error message
      -No data found in the directory "d:/musik/albums, d:/musik/julmusik,"! please edit coverjuke.ini

      I have tried with both frontslash and backlash in the pathname, with comma after each pathname and without comma at the last path, no difference. tried fusion and folderview no difference there either.

      Someone who has the same proböems? I also tried turning off UAC in vista

    • Colin Jones

      Colin Jones - 2008-11-10

      Hey Guys,
      You are not alone - I too have this problem!

      No matter what I do in the .ini coverduke will only see the first directory and not multiple directories.  I have tried loads of things like Robin D but using 2 or more folders in the .ini does not work for me.

      (PS) LUUUUURVE the new version - its top dog!!!!!!
      Only a plugin for winamp would make it perfect now.  ;-)

    • Robin D

      Robin D - 2008-11-16

      Hey Colin =)

      It's soothing to hear I'm not alone with this prob, but more soothing would be a solution ;)

      About your sugestion on a winamp plugin, I can just point you in a direction if you like to control your music with your cellphone, I've been using a program wich is scriptbased and works for almost every phonemake out there, I've put up a script wich makes me able to use my SE P1i to control the built in player in cover juke, with my phone I can browse the albums, play albums, add albums to playlist, delete songs from playlist, add individual songs from playlist, skip forward backwards, paus etc, almost everything you could do with the keyboard, even start coverjuke if its not running, set it to fullscreen, control the mouse if you want to set shuffle and repeat.

      I'm running my old laptop with coverjuke hooked up to my 50" full-hd plasma and it works like a charm controlling it with my phone.

      I don't know if posting the name of the program here is legitimate, but anyone who would like to get more info and get instructions how to set it up and get my script can mail me at

      moderator might even want to move this to a separate thread? ;)

      Cheers mates!

    • Maeglin

      Maeglin - 2008-11-16

      Found this little gem just a couple of days ago and am impressed.

      I too am having the problem with the defaultdir only picking up the first directory and would also love to see this as a Winamp plugin.

      Looking forward to the next update!


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