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Syntax for accessing network drive

Ray Brooks
  • Ray Brooks

    Ray Brooks - 2008-11-17

    I discovered this program yesterday and it's already running beautifully on two computers, one at home and one at work! Thanks!

    I also installed this on my laptop at home with the intention of playing music from the desktop computer's drive. I can't seem to figure out the proper way to put the path into the config file. I tried //ComputerName/C:/Music and I tried mapping the network drive on the laptop M:\Music. Neither worked. The program locked up. Can anyone tell me what the proper syntax for the network drive is? (The laptop is running Vista 64-bit) Thanks!

    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2008-11-18

      Hy Ray,

      I know a user that using coverjuke on network... so You can!

      1. You must add a share folder for your music.
      2. You can add a the path in coverjuke.ini, like this :

      Good use,

    • Ray Brooks

      Ray Brooks - 2008-11-18

      Thank you for the response. I was able to get this working this morning using a mapped drive:
      M:\Music\MP3, M:\Music\flac, M:\Music\Spoken Word
      I think that my problem was related to the way that I set up sharing on the host computer. I had sharing set at the drive root. When I changed the sharing to the folder it worked perfectly.
      This is a great program! I'm using it right now and loving it! Thanks!


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